Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Favorite Things

Everybody has favorite things, for me lately, finding happiness lately has been elusive, but there are a few things in life that really makes me happy & boosts my spirits, & I've been finding them wherever I can & holding on for dear life. For me these days, inanimate objects they may be, but they're also a bit of a lifeline to helping to improve my emotions. A few of my favorite things include:

This lady is such a classic, she's old school cool & sexy when sexy was classy!

I'm not sure what it is exactly about sharpie markers, but I SO love that they now come in a rainbow of colours! So exciting! The colours are so bright & cheery, how could you not love them!? Of course, my most favorite colour is the pink. Not the wussy baby pink, but the hotsy totsy bright, hot pink!

My baby, the big food mooch, Tom. Whenever there are things like, chicken or fish, ice cream or milk around, so is Tom. He regularly plops himself on the desk in front of my keyboard whenever I'm on the computer, fighting for attention for himself. The only way I can make him get off the desk is if, while he's sitting here, I smother him in kisses, that always makes him scoot! I may get annoyed with him, but he's the true love of my life.

As time goes on, I think, rather than spend any more time on the thing(s)/people that have made me sad for so long, I'm going to start switching my focus to more things that make me happy. It's ME time!

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Anonymous said...

You should have my two rascals. One is named Mozart and the other Velvet Dawn (female), both making themselves obnoxious when I'm at the keyboard ;0) They have a sixth sense which tells them they can grt away with it and that's what makes cats so intriguing.