Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thoughts of a Frustrated Person

Looks like it's been more than a few years since I've blogged, almost 5 years to be exact. Typing on an iPad with one finger is a pain, but This has been the way it is for the last year or two. A lots changed in the Last 4 years, been through a couple jobs, I quit the last one, because I was sick & tired of being treated like crap & working with a shitty manager Didn't help either. Once again I find myself at a crossroads in life & it's just not getting any easier to figure out what to do with this life of mine. It's complicated by the fact that I no longer have a computer to be able to find another job, because this is how it's done now, applying for jobs online, which means that you need your resume ON the computer. It's beyond frustrating, as is a lot of my life, there are days when I'm just feeling like a colossal failure. I never expected that I would still be living at home, at 47(!), as grateful as I am to my parents & I am, I find it hugely frustrating at times as well. I'm also not married, no kids, so there's that too, which leads me to question my whole existence, my reason for being. The things I enjoy doing most revolves around animals & taking pictures, Playing with Photoshop, so how can I make this work for me & turn it into cone kind of living? With a decent, living wage? The weather today is rainy & stormy, with thunder in the background. It's surely matching my mood today.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blame Baby Blame

Listening to the lastest on the BP oil spill I have to say that I very highly resent the fact that as the days go on, we're now being told that "WE" "ALL" have to take the blame for this oil spill. I say bullsh*t!

As a consumer, driver of a SMALL car, I don't feel the need to share the blame for BP's absolutely GROSS INCOMPETENCE in how they chose to run their oil well! THEY are the ones from the very beginning who've willfully & BLATANTLY lied, stonewalled on the amount of oil being spilled into the Gulf, ruining & killing everything in sight!

With the exception of perhaps *& no offense to* those who insist on driving ridiculously huge, gas guzzling vehicles, & I am talking about the *city drivers of* Escalades, the Hummers & those of that size, why should any consumer be expected to take the blame along with BP? WE are not the ones who decided to go drill an oil rig deep into the ocean, WE are not the ones who, rather than waiting for the cement to solidify on the structure, decided to plow ahead anyway, WE are not the ones who not only admitted to it but did blatantly ignore their own safety standards & not only that, admitted that they were not able to handle a catastrophe of such magnitude!!!!! Their sheer volume of gross & blatant incompetence is beyond the scale of disgust, this was a bunch of men running this company who clearly had NO IDEA WHAT THEY WERE DOING AND WENT AHEAD & DID IT ANYWAY!!!

The magnitude of the damage done is incalcuable & WE will be paying for it for a very long time; there are not enough tears in the world we could shed over this tragedy. Llvelyhoods are now in ruins, fish, animals & mammals are now dead or dying because of this. They will pay & pay & pay for years to come. So too should the very men who ran BP. I sincerely hope that this gross error on their part runs them into the ground. Nothing short of their complete & total bankrupsy will be enough.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Death and Destruction on the Gulf of Mexico

The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, owned by British Petroleum (BP), happened on April 20th of this year, when 11 men tragically died. To date, current estimates of the amounts of oil spilled are anywhere between 1,900,0000 to 16,000,000 litres PER DAY into the Gulf. Sickening isn't it? And now, pictures are finally surfacing of the impact of this damage; pictures that BP hasn't wanted anyone to see! Of the birds, fish, turtles, dolphins, sharks, all kinds of sea life is now completely slathered from top to tail in thick, stinky, greasy oil & are now washing up on the shorelines in droves. More than 400 species live in the islands and marshlands at risk. In the national refuges most at risk, about 34,000 birds have been counted, including gulls, pelicans, roseate spoonbills, egrets, terns, and blue herons.As of May 30, dead animals collected from the spill zone included 491 dead birds, 227 sea turtles, and 27 mammals including dolphins The pictures, which I just can't stomach to look at any longer have left me grief stricken & heartsick. And thoroughly, completely angry at "man's" sheer incompetence & irresponsibility, all in the name of the almighty buck!

People will argue that "WE" the consumers are all just as much to blame, but I say that that's a load of bunk! "WE" the consumers were not to blame for this company's gross negligence! It has been reported that in fact, it IS a fact that they blatantly ignored their own safety regulations & recommendations & took short cuts when this well was built, because they were in such a damn huge hurry to get their operations under way.

BP CEO Tony Hayward was quoted as lamenting in the news that he wants his life back, wished for this to all go away. The absolute audacity of this ignorant man kills me! Another example of his ignorance,when he attempted to downplay the seriousness of this "accident" at the beginning of this tragedy when it was in it's infancy, he was actually quoted as saying,in effect, that this spill was small in comparison to the size of the Gulf of Mexico. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat????? Clearly, this man did not have a clue. I would like to hope that at this point in the tragedy, he's gotten far more up to speed on things.

So, I woke up angry at the state of those poor animals & mammals that are suffering so horrendously. All day today while I was at work, it was on my mind, I am wishing that I were able to do something more than just throw money at the problem. If there were some way, some how, I would absolutely love to offer myself to help. To volunteer to try & was away the muck & the oil from the animals that have suffered so. I am going to be giving some thought to this, but I am totally serious. I would love to go down to Louisiana & help in some small way. Whether I do or not remains to be seen, but I would go in a heartbeat.

Aside from all the animals that are suffering & will be lost to this, there's also the human cost as well. Other than the 11 men who died out on the ocean, there's also a whole way of life going to needless waste as well. All of the men & women along the coasts of Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, who's whole way of life is now or will soon be a distant memory. For those who made their living on the ocean, that way of life is now almost certainly gone. What do you say to someone like that who worked a shrimp boat, or ran a tour boat? OOPS! Sorry about that! There is absolutely nothing that could ever make up for the damage that BP has done. The cost of the loss is beyond anything that they will ever be able to make up for. Sadly it is beyond the beyond & will take generations to repair. Just chalk it up to yet another black mark against the already badly beaten environment.

*the numerical stats in this blog were obtained from the most recent information on the Wikipedia page listed as Deep Water Horizon oil spill*

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun on Saturday Night

Have you ever had times when you've felt like a moth to a flame? Sometimes I feel like that. What is it about some people that you just feel so drawn to? Is it the way they dress? The way they act? Their personality? The way they make you feel when you're in their company? Are they people you know or have just met? These are the questions that run through my head. Is it weird to still get crushes on people when you're in your 40's?

I've got to say that I've been extremely lucky with the people I've met thus far from places like Facebook & Twitter. Everyone I've met are among the nicest I've met & a whole lot of fun.The most recent night of fun occurred on Saturday night, at Dawn Langstroth's concert at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.

Here's the group I was with:

From left to right: Nancy, Patricia, KellyW, Tracey, me, Lesley, Noelle Pamela & Marilyn, & in the front row, KellyG & Jules, all really nice, really cool women, with Noelle coming in all the way from PEI to see Dawn, how cool is that???

Here's the thing, I don't know whether we'll remain friends for life, or just be friends for awhile & then fade off in different directions, but for now, for today, I am really enjoying spending time with these women, they're all really cool in all their own aways. And I am revelling in it each time we all find ourselves together, because I know that whatever's going to follow will involve lots of laughing & silliness, which I love!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cheating Cheaters & the People Who Marry Them

I seriously need to vent. I was going through all the gossip sites when I came across something that made me just see red.

I love Sandra Bullock; I think she's an amazing actress, she recently won a well deserved Oscar for her role in The Blindside, lately everything has been absolute aces for her. Until today; the news came out, just a rumour at this point until it's officially confirmed, that her husband, Jesse James has been discovered to be cheating on her. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised or shocked & yet, I am. Because I really wanted to believe, naively it turns out, that this marriage would last & be immune to outside influences, because Sandra deserves that. Nobody of course knows what the fall out is going to be until there's something officially said, but the news of this bombshell seems to have really hit me, I am so pissed off!!!

Sandra took a long time before deciding to get married, for reasons only she knows, when she finally did, I'll bet she was so happy that day & she believed in her vows & believed in Jesse, when he said his.

What the hell is it about men that mades them get so ansty about staying faithful to the person they, of their FREE WILL, decided to marry, & then go & cheat on them with the first person that catches their eye? What is the point of going through the pretense of "the big day", getting married if you're not going to love the one you're with forever? Why bother getting married when everyone just stays faithful for a little while & then gets bored,lonely or whatever & looks for something better??? Cheating I know has been around forever & lots of people through the years have cheated & dumped their significant other, but many others have stayed the course & STAYED married without having to feel the need to cheat!

Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Bill Clinton, practically every politician, musician, actor, actress, everyday people that we all look up to & admire have ALL cheated! What is wrong with people? It just makes me angry & makes me feel deflated & disalussioned with love. I've always believed in love, always wanted to find someone of my own to love. I'm 43 years old & had three relationships in my life. The emotional heartache from 2 of them nearly killed me when I got dumped but it's made me stronger & I moved on. Sometimes I can't thank God enough that I'm still single; other days, I long to be with someone who loves me as much as I could love them. As much as I think love is pretty cool, it's also a hell of a mindfuck too, when it goes bad. I feel as though I'm losing my faith in it though; there've been times I have said that I'd rather have a dog than a person to love because at least a dog would never cheat on you. Sometimes I'm only half kidding about that. I really don't want to be this bitter betty about love, truly. But I seriously think that people who are cheaters, or who are contemplating cheating, need to smarten the hell up! Stop putting your partner through untold amounts of heartache, people have been known to DIE of heartbreak you know! Stop investing your life & your love into someone else's life if you're just going to turn their whole lives upside down! It's not fair!

My thoughts go back to Sandra, I know she's a strong woman, but I really hope that she has a slew of people around her who will help cushion the blows & the heartache she's about to go through. I also hope she gives Jesse a good swift kick in the nuts because he deserves it.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long Ago & Far Away

Holy Schmoly, it's been a whole year(!) since I've blogged anything, Twitter having taken over my life along w/ Facebook. Made a ton of new, cool friends, via both of those places & am working FT. The working part if good, although it's taking a toll physically so much so that now I'm going through physiotherapy & am just beginning to deal with WSIB, joy oh bliss. I just hope that I'll get through that experience with as little psychological damage as possible.

Will try to make a better effort at blogging again soon

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australia is Burning

This image is among many devastating ones, coming out of Australia the last few days. I'm just heartsick over all of the damage. That people have died, lost everything they own, & the animals that have perished. It's horrifying to think that these fires were deliberately set, all while Australia is enduring 100+ degrees F heat. It's utterly unconscionable. My heart & prayers go out to all of Australia. Please pray for them.