Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cheating Cheaters & the People Who Marry Them

I seriously need to vent. I was going through all the gossip sites when I came across something that made me just see red.

I love Sandra Bullock; I think she's an amazing actress, she recently won a well deserved Oscar for her role in The Blindside, lately everything has been absolute aces for her. Until today; the news came out, just a rumour at this point until it's officially confirmed, that her husband, Jesse James has been discovered to be cheating on her. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised or shocked & yet, I am. Because I really wanted to believe, naively it turns out, that this marriage would last & be immune to outside influences, because Sandra deserves that. Nobody of course knows what the fall out is going to be until there's something officially said, but the news of this bombshell seems to have really hit me, I am so pissed off!!!

Sandra took a long time before deciding to get married, for reasons only she knows, when she finally did, I'll bet she was so happy that day & she believed in her vows & believed in Jesse, when he said his.

What the hell is it about men that mades them get so ansty about staying faithful to the person they, of their FREE WILL, decided to marry, & then go & cheat on them with the first person that catches their eye? What is the point of going through the pretense of "the big day", getting married if you're not going to love the one you're with forever? Why bother getting married when everyone just stays faithful for a little while & then gets bored,lonely or whatever & looks for something better??? Cheating I know has been around forever & lots of people through the years have cheated & dumped their significant other, but many others have stayed the course & STAYED married without having to feel the need to cheat!

Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Bill Clinton, practically every politician, musician, actor, actress, everyday people that we all look up to & admire have ALL cheated! What is wrong with people? It just makes me angry & makes me feel deflated & disalussioned with love. I've always believed in love, always wanted to find someone of my own to love. I'm 43 years old & had three relationships in my life. The emotional heartache from 2 of them nearly killed me when I got dumped but it's made me stronger & I moved on. Sometimes I can't thank God enough that I'm still single; other days, I long to be with someone who loves me as much as I could love them. As much as I think love is pretty cool, it's also a hell of a mindfuck too, when it goes bad. I feel as though I'm losing my faith in it though; there've been times I have said that I'd rather have a dog than a person to love because at least a dog would never cheat on you. Sometimes I'm only half kidding about that. I really don't want to be this bitter betty about love, truly. But I seriously think that people who are cheaters, or who are contemplating cheating, need to smarten the hell up! Stop putting your partner through untold amounts of heartache, people have been known to DIE of heartbreak you know! Stop investing your life & your love into someone else's life if you're just going to turn their whole lives upside down! It's not fair!

My thoughts go back to Sandra, I know she's a strong woman, but I really hope that she has a slew of people around her who will help cushion the blows & the heartache she's about to go through. I also hope she gives Jesse a good swift kick in the nuts because he deserves it.

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