Thursday, June 26, 2008

Questioning Life's Little Foibles

Why is it that friends will sometimes come & go in & out of your life as quickly as they came in? I find it so frustrating sometimes that certain people that come to mean a great deal to you in such a short amount of time, will just disappear one day & not be a part of your life anymore. I find that so sad; my frienships mean everything to me. Friendships are an important part of one's life. When you can't talk to your family, you can talk to friends who offer totally unbiased opinions & perspectives of things that you might be dealing with that you can't otherwise rationally discuss with your family.

This is the case with my family. I love my parents to death, they are my solid rock & foundation, without them, I would be & have nothing, but I have to say that my dad is one of the most stubborn men on the face of the planet! He & to a certain extent my mother can definitely not fight fair at times - do all parents do that? They mean well & try to be objective, but in the process, they end up driving you up the wall, & sometimes when in the process of arguing with them, it can get downright ugly which only ends up breaking my heart, because the last thing I want to do is fight ith them. But as I say, when they fight, they fight dirty, they'll think nothing of the "we're not going to live forever" card, which is so galling! They single handedly manage to veer totally off the subject you may be arguing about at the time & just zap you with something really out of left field.

Then there are your friends. For example, friends you make at work, that you somehow manage to bond with & think that you'll be friends with forever. You hang out from time to time & share many laughs at work. Then something happens & one leaves, then another. You all pledge to keep in touch & all that jazz & yet, even though at first you do, eventually, they just fade away & one day you wonder what's become of them. Why do they do that? Why are these the ones that seem to come & go out of your life? Maybe I'm the one that has to get out & really get a life, even though I thought I already had one.

Life is a funny thing, because I think, unless you're a hermit, you never stop meeting & making new friends, it's just that you would really like to hang on to the good ones that you make.


Anonymous said...

Wisdom demands taking care
to guard your heart, with
friends and with lovers.
You mist understand that all others
may not feel as deeply
as you.
They can turn on emotions and
then turn them off, leaving
someone like you devastated.

The worst part is some are
insensitive, not at all
concerned about how they
affect you, so try to
be careful.

I know it sounds cold, but
this is the way of the world.

Lisa said...

Thank you for that struggle for justice...I don't know that you'll ever see this reply, I wish I knew how to contact you to thank you personally....

As I read your comments, it made me spontaneously burst in to tears,because I guess I am a sensitive soul, maybe I'm just a fool for love, I seem to always fall for the wrong people all the time...

If this is the way of the world, then I think I don't want to be a part of it...No, not going to off myself, lol, just going to close up because it's just not worth the heartache