Thursday, March 20, 2008

Music That I Love

Well it's been awhile since I've blogged here; with the exception of the blog I just added days ago, I figured it would be as good a time as any to start up again. I think I've discused music before, but I'm feeling all gushy again lately & feeling the need to talk about my ever changing musical tastes again.

Recently, when I was in Australia, along with a lot of other stuff I picked up, I also bought a requisite amount of cds that mostly, I can't get back home in Canada. One thing that I bought that for the most part, previously would've been out of left field for me is K.D. Lang's latest cd offering, Watershed. Now, I'm well aware of who she is, aware of the music that has been on the radio, I've always had an appreciation for it, altho I do admit to getting sick to death of Constant Craving for it's played-to-death dominance when it came out on the radio. However, since purchasing & listening to Watershed, I've in an instant changed my tune so to speak.

I've never really been a fan fan of K.D.'s before, but I am now, perminently. Watershed is an absolutely breath taking piece of work, K.D.'s voice is flawless & incredibly beautiful. The woman can sing like nobody's business. My God, she's just....A revelation to me. The richness & timber of her voice captivates me & just makes my heart swell. I love how she sounds, the way she holds her notes, the way she elongates a line, it's just like, WOW! Of all the songs on Watershed, my most favorite one is "Sunday", which, to my ears, is one of the most passionately, dead sexy, sultry songs I've ever heard. It's a major turn on to hear that song, makes me long to have someone to snuggle with in bed while listening to it.

I can't even tell you how much I love it when music or a song does that to me. That is the thing about music that really makes me feel giddy & happy & almost euphoric, weird as that must sound. When it moves me. Neil Finn's music has done that to me, in the same breath, so has Christina Aguliera, which I know must seem like a strange combination, but I just really appreciate anyone who can really belt out a song with such conviction & passion. Both K.D. & Christina can do that which amazes me. To have that kind of power with your voice & your lungs, to have that kind of talent is just something beautiful to behold. So of course, I'm making it my mission to play catch up with K.D.'s back catalogue, which in some cases, is proving that it'll be a challenge to find a lot of it. So far, I've got her latest, Watershed, I also found the absolutely excellent Hymns of the 49th Parallel & Shadowland, the rest of it, not sure how long it'll take, but I'm determinded to find them. Particularly Absolute Torch & Twang, which has the song Pulling in the Reins; I recall hearing that song around the time that album came out & fell in love with that song, for the way she just belted it out with absolute abandon, another "WOW" moment; who knew what that moment was to fortell.


kennedyflair said...

My favourite k.d. album is Ingenue. It's the first album of hers that I heard. Very much like Watershed and totally lovely-I can recommend it....!
Crowded house and k.d. have been compared by the music press in the past and I'm a fan of them too-I love Don't Dream it's Over and Fall at your Feet-so sad but then I love sad songs, Shelley.

Lisa said...

I've been very quickly trying to get as much of her back catalogue as I can get my hands on, I instantly loved Ingenue & particularly Invincible Summer, which is SO dreamy & beautiful, it's as if it was written from a Pisces perspective, which is what I am, such a dreamer, lol!

There's still a couple of her albums I'm waiting on to get, but I've got about 7-8 them now, & they're all fantastic!