Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Insatiable Gossip Press

The world is in mourning for the untimely passing of Heath Ledger, which came as an incredibly shocking news story on the drive home from work the other day. It's so sad, that he passed away at the age of 28, soundbites are coming in from everywhere, every day there's some new picture of "the scene" outside of his apartment, but it's the latest ones that disturb the most. Michelle Williams, his grieving ex arriving back home from overseas with their beautiful daughter Matlida Rose, & everyone just has to get the exclusive snap of her grieving face. It just disgusts me that just because they happen to be celebrities, it's assumed that they've given up their right to mourn in private. The paparazzi & press, they wait there like a pack of vultures waiting to pounce, & it's just despicable.

Society has become more & more celebrity obsessed, we've all become so blood thirsty to see every single detail of their lives picked apart, I'd willingly bet that not one single average "non-celebrity/famous person" would be able to withstand the kind of scrutiny that these people face. I couldn't imagine, the very second I would walk out the front door of my home, being confronted by some camera welding jerk, demanding that I pose over the shoulder, or look this way or that. Makes me think that maybe Sean Penn wasn't so bad for trying to beat the snot out of the photogs who got a bit too close to him.

I am among those who for years have been celebrity obsessed, I willingly admit this, however, & maybe it's because I'm getting older or something, but, over the last, I'd say maybe 5-10 years, they type of photographs & stories coming out of Hollyweird have been a lot more graphic, a lot more salacious, & a lot more disturbing. There have been many utterly stupid panyt-less crotch shots, boob shots, cock shots, which leads me to ask in my head, do any of these people have any sense of themselves when they walk out the door or get up out of the car or are they just absolutely stupid? And why is it that I still find it so compelling & attractive? It's like a drug, in fact, I'd say it's like my crack cocaine, I am totally hooked on it, despite the fact that I am getting more & more disgusted by what I see. It's like the car/train wreck that you just can't avert your eyes from.

I guess the thing is is that I'll have to consider making a break from it, but is that even possible? How do you even escape from all of that noise & junk? Unless you just force yourself to go outside (too cold right now) & get away from the tv & the radio & the computer? Maybe I just need to do like a friend of mine does, maybe I just need a cookie & a nap?

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