Friday, January 4, 2008

28 Days to Go!

Well it's finally starting to set it, that after almost three long years of working & slogging hard at the jobs I've had in that time, the trip of a lifetime is almost upon me! My dream trip to Australia is 28 days away, & I'm going to have to start pinching myself to really realize that I'm going.

In that time, I hope to do a little bonding with my brother, who sadly, as much as I love him, I'm just not close to, because we're two vastly different people. But I'm looking forward to seeing my brother again, & meeting up with friends there, I want to pack in as much as I possibly can in the six weeks that I'll be there. I want to experience as much as I can, I want to hold & hug a koala, which incidentally are not bears at all! I would love to get up & close to a dolphin, maybe even swim with one, but I'll have to see about that. I want to check out the awesome bands that I've heard about, see amazing sunsets & take a zillion pictures & see beautiful sunsets. I hope to also learn a bit about myself along the way, & grow a bit.

I want to not be scared to discover new things, I think it'll be exciting to have new experiences. To see things for the first time with my own two eyes will be a really cool thing.

I'm also aware that I'm going to sweat my butt off, because currently, it's hot, hot, hot, which I think would suit me fine, given that right now, well, up to now, we've been in a deep freeze. But that's okay, because I am most definitely a spring/summer person, I hate winter.

So, it's now down to 28 days before I go, I'm not feeling so down as much now about the major drama that had been threatening to swallow me whole for the last three months. The pain of that situation is still there, I think it will be for a while yet, it's just a bit more muted at the moment.

28 days...AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

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EuroTrippen said...

Wow, hard to believe it's almost time for you to go! Have a blast and be sure to take lots of pictures. That way I can live vicariously though you...