Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life Goes On, Even When it Sucks Sometimes

Well I guess it is true that time heals all wounds. I can't say that I'm completely there yet, but I am feeling that I'm starting to be in a much better head space than I was even two weeks ago. Almost normal again. I can pretty much say that three weeks of constant, inconsolable bawling my eyes out are over, which was completely horrible & emotionally exhausting. I hated being in that frame of mind. Altho now I think that I've moved onto the angry stage at this point. Angry that my friend has declared that it would be best to make a clean break & not speak to each other for a while. That hurts so much. I hate so called "clean breaks", because there's nothing clean about fucking with someone's head & heart & leaving them an emotional wreck! I'm still feeling very sad about the way things turned out, although not as much.

At the same time, there is a rational part of me that understands. Somewhat. I miss my friend so much, I miss that my friend is not physically in my life anymore now, because they're 3000km's away. I know that we'll remain friends though, because for me, there's no other way of looking at that. I want my friend in my life, & I'm not willing to close the door on that entirely.

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