Monday, November 19, 2007

73 Days and Counting!

73 days until I leave for Australia! Wow, it's not long now, & yet, it feels as if it's taken forever to get to this point. For the longest time, it's all that I've thought about, dreamt about, talked about. I've worked hard for the last 3-4 years saving up for this hard earned trip; in the last little while though, my enthusiasm & excitement for it has taken a slight beating. It's been really difficult, but I'm slowly getting the excitement & anticipation back for what will be a really big, epic trip for me, it's a bit scary & daunting, but mostly exciting for me I think.

I can't wait to get there & skip out on our usually freezing cold winter this year! I am going to go with the full anticipation of lots of good times, & amazing experiences. 73 days to go, woo hoo!!

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