Saturday, September 29, 2007

Strange Days

It's been ages since I've blogged, I guess it's been ages since I've had anything remotely interesting to say I guess. Work has been insane for the last couple of months, & really really busy the last few weeks, now that we're putting Christmas crap out already! Sick.

I've been finding myself alternately bored to death & obsessed with the net lately. I go to the same old places, some of which I still love (OTS), some of which I'm bored to death with (RNL), oh, & then there are the gossip websites which I love, TMZ & Perez Hilton the most. I really want to understand what it is with the stupid paparazzi, that they insist on following that train wreck Britney Spears around doing the most stupidly mundain things, & flashing blindingly bright high powered flashbulbs in her face? Sometimes these jackals get caught on camera & it really is a sight to see, a whole pack of 7-8 guys with big cameras or video recorders in their hands snapping away like hungry dogs! Is it really any wonder that Britney is as messed up as she is?

Then, once I've gotten done looking at that stuff, I continue to contemplate my life, my upcoming Australia trip, the possible move out to BC which I'm still hoping desparately comes to fruition. I know it's going to be a huge thing, moving out of the home I've had for many years but the time (and opportunity) has come & the time is now. I'm not kidding myself, I'm sure it's not going to be all wonderful right off the bat, but at the same time, I hope the transition won't be too painful.

For the last month, I've been having a passionate affair with a jar of Nutella. My God whoever invented that stuff was brilliant. That stuff is dangerously delicious. I also know that it's an aquired taste for some. But it's a love-hate thing for me, because I know if I eat too much of it, I'll be in so much trouble, so it's a once in a blue moon type of affair.

Actually, here's something totally random. As I'm sitting here, I'm listening to some radio station, & they have the usual, copious amounts of radio ads playing. One that catches my ear is for some contest & they're explaining the contest rules & such. One line that really stands out for me is something about having to answer a skill testing question, almost always a math question, if you've won. Those sorts of things strike a fear in me like no other, because I so badly suck at math & usually, you're supposed to answer these "skill" testing questions without the aid of a calculator! It really makes me wonder why having a skill testing question is really nessessary if you've supposedly already won a contest? I know that they're a standard thing in a lot of constests, but why? What's the point of having a contest that perhaps you win & then they go on to testing you further in order to ensure that you really are the winner? I think these skill testing questions really ought to be eliminated, because to me, they make no sense at all & are totally pointless. If you've won something, that should be it, you win such-in-such, here you go, congratulations, shake your hand, take a picture, that's it, the end & off you go!

Well look at that, I guess I did have a few things on my mind. Til next time.

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