Saturday, August 25, 2007

Looking to the Future

Well, the decision has been made, I'm going to go for it & move myself to Kelowna, BC at some point in the coming near future. First things first though, I have to get my Australa trip out of my system. Altho my friend & I would like it if I could come out there sooner, rather than later, it just became too complicated to switch flight details already booked. Crap!! Being away from my friend really sucks, we both miss each other terribly, but I've decided that I'm ultimately following my heart. I'm so happy about this, for the first time in my life & it's an amazing feeling.

Still, I'll be heading out to Kelowna in October to visit & see what it's like out there, I'm so excited about that, because I'll be seeing my sweet, beautiful, blue eyed friend again. And my former (but soon to be again) manager at the store where I'll be working at. I can't wait to see them both again very soon.

Huge changes are under way in my life, part of me can't believe I'm actually doing this & is scared shitless, because this is a really big life change. Getting used to a whole new province, new surroundings & locations, new people, that's such a freaky thing. On the other hand, this is potentially a tremendously amazing journey I'm about to embark on, I won't be completely alone, I'll be among friends, with my manager & my friend who I care for very much & my friend feels the same about me. That's definitely something to be excited about.

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