Friday, July 20, 2007

Hard Lesson Learned

Well, it's been a full six months, & to this day, I've never gotten a single cent of what I was owed from a certain person for the purchase of two of my beautiful necklaces. Of the two people who did ask for them, only one person paid, in a very timely manner. Not the other one though. The other one with the criminal record. Once a con, always a con I guess. I guess I should've known better than to trust someone over the net. I have to say though, that she's been the only black spot on an otherwise good experience selling my necklaces. All I can hope for is that one day, her conscience will one day get the better of her.

These are the necklaces in question:

The person who bought these neckalces, bought one for her friend, this friend had the gall to call the pink one tacky, not outright, but I knew damn well what she was referring to...Whatever, considering the small mindedness of both of these jerks, I just let that one go. The total cost I'm out, including postage, amounted to $66.60.

Lesson learned.


EuroTrippen said...

Wow, that sucks when someone lets you down. Just know that karma will come full-circle eventually.

The necklaces look great!

Karen said...

did u put them on eBay?

Lisa said...

No, I didn't sell them thru Ebay, it was to a person on a message board that I frequent. I really should've known better in the case of this particular person, but, live & learn, that's all I say :D