Saturday, July 14, 2007

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The weather's been rather strange lately, one minute it's been blazing hot, with unbearable humidity, the next, like today, has been cool & rainy, but humid. I am so not even remotely ready for cold weather yet, so the heat just better keep on coming.

When I get home from work, I really love to come home & chill out, it's great, I'll eat in front of my keyboard any chance I get, & tonight was great, I had ribs & a baked potato. Actually, I love eating anytime for the most part, but one thing I've noticed for the last little while that I don't like is, whenever I finish eating, my fingers get really cold, like freezing cold, as well as the palms of my hands, for a good 10 minutes. That's really freaky to me, because I know it's related to circulation, which sucks. It's one of the many things cropping up that I hate about getting older, because everything creaks & cracks, & oy, the aches & pains! I know I need to really get serious about taking better care of myself, it's just that me & exercise have long been at odds with each other. The stupid thing is, I can see, in my mind, doing all kinds of great exercise, but actually doing it is another matter entirely.

Speaking of stupid. Hahahah. I really have to say that I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. Working at the store, I see it every single solitary day. People will wander into my section, actually have a look at the display wall of drapery, & turn to me & actually say, "Now where can I find this panel?" It takes every ounce of strength in my face not to look at people like, "ummm, hellooooo! What section do you think you're in????" Or they'll ask me about some other product which clearly wouldn't be in my section at all, it's silly really, because maybe people would notice more if they'd just look around at where they are within the store, but they never do.

People usually don't (want to) look further than at the end of their noses. It's the drudgery of working retail that really gets discouraging at times, whether it's constantly cleaning up after the slobs who come into the store, or answering inane questions, it just gets unbearable at times. I would say that 90% of my job basically involves cleaning up, all day every day, with 10% for actually putting stock out, the other 10% for doing orders/rearranging crates/bins, arranging displays & changing signs & labels, on top of dealing with customers & doing at least part of the shift working on the til. Such is my life in retail.

So, in about 7 months or so, I'm finally going to get to Australia, finally. I've been wanting to go for years, been saving for the last four years, & now, it's finally coming to fruition, I'm very excited, I can't wait. Although now, I also have the added bonus of also going to see British Columbia at the tail end of my trip as well. I'll be going out to visit my former manager there. I've missed her since she left, she is hands down, the finest, most excellent manager I've had the pleasure of working for. It'll be so good to see her again.

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EuroTrippen said...

The world's full of stupid people... and most of them seem to congregate in large shopping areas. It's why I buy almost everything online.