Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Musical Thoughts

Ben Lee is not everyone's cup of tea I realize. But I had a chance to see him play a year or two ago & I really like him. He's sweet & peaceful, & loving & a gentle soul. Well he's completed a new album, which I think he'll be releasing some time soon in the very near future. I really can't wait, because I am anxiously looking forward to hearing what new tunes he's come up with.

I'm also looking ahead to August 13th, when I finally get to see Crowded House play once again after about 15 years. I'm still really annoyed at the absolutely disguting seats I ended up with, but, I'm going to go & I'll do my best to enjoy it despite that huge disappointment. It's really going to be good to see Neil, Nick & Mark again, along with new drummer Matt.

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Karen said...

Make sure u check out Silverchair on MTV :)
They're in Canada right now :)
Got tickets to their concert!! Woo hoo!!
Crowdies play tomorrow for Live Earth! Do you have their new album?