Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Favorite Commercials

Ordinarily, I almost always hate commercials on tv, they're intrusive, way too long, & uaually stupid. But, occationally, there are some that really stand out to me, that make me laugh; a couple lately that I've seen that have really made me giggle include the one for Nicorette, the stop smoking gum. There's a woman at a desk, being badgered by the ugly little nicotine troll, asking her if she's going to go out for a smoke. Cut to two of her co-workers who did go outside, the ad shows them standing out in some pretty wild elements, getting blown to bits by wind & rain. Debris flying on & past them, a ticket booth skimming past. That's pretty damn funny to me.

Another one that's good is the current Mastercard commercial. It shows a woman walking down 5th Avenue in New York City, she's shopping, a really cute version of Moon River is playing in the background, reminicent of Breakfast at Tiffany's, one of my favorite movies btw. The announcer announces that she's had a pedicure, the woman then goes in to get a pair of peep toe shoes to show off the pedi, then, she strolls past a window with a really cute dress, she emerges from the shop wearing the dress that goes with the peep toe pumps that shoes off the pedi. Then, she walks up to one of the windows of Tiffany, looks at a goregous, incredibly expensive necklace & rolls her eyes as the announcer says, "yeah right". What a cute commercial!

So I guess not all of them are bad. As much as I've liked the Geico gecko, I'm getting a little tired of him. I still like the Bell Expressview beavers, they're still a lot of fun, altho it still doesn't make me want to use the product. I think any time they use animals in commercials are pretty good, not so much people all the time. There haven't been many commercials that have made me cry. In fact, I can't think of one that ever has.

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