Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Strange Days

I'm feeling so stir crazy right now. Spring is right on the cusp. The weather is on the verge of turning nice & warm finally, yet, everyone around me, myself included is feeling so bloody crabby right now. I want to just disappear into some music & drown out all the bitchyness & snarky comments around me. I've been making new jewelry again, this time, for paying customers..How exciting is that? I'm really flattered that people are actually liking the necklaces I'm making, & I still even have a few other people to make things for, so this might turn out to be an interesting little indeavor. One small problem is tho, having enough eye catching pieces to make things with. Beading can be a bit of an expensive proposition at times.

But I do enjoy doing it. The last time I went into this one store I go to (not very often I might add), I showed the lady there some of my pieces, she was the type of person who's an instructor for classes there. She politely said, "oh, those are really nice, stringing beads is nice", in such a way as to really say, hmmmm, so simply boring, you simpleton. I don't really care tho, because I know I should probably learn how to do more elaborate pieces, but frankly, I'm not interested in learning to make more complicated pieces because they're too time consuming. Frankly, I'd rather put together the pieces that I already make, because they always turn out so pretty, in my humble opinion.

Here are the latest pieces I made for two ladies in the States:

I think they turned out pretty flashy to me. But I guess I'm my own biggest fan too.

Anyway, I'm hoping the March doldrums don't last much longer, because I'm in some desparate need of some warm weather and soon! I'm also looking forward to April 17th, because I'll be going to see John Mayer then too. It's been so long, sort of, since I've been to a concert, it's going to be a really fun night w/ my longtime friend Marianne. And, I keep telling myself that this time next year, I won't be here, I'll be on the other side of the world in Australia, I can't even believe it sometimes, because I've wanted to go for so long & worked so hard for so long towards this goal of finally getting there. My biggest concern to date, is hoping the money won't totally disappear within a week of getting there, lol, I'm going to really need to start learning how to pace myself in the spending department - which, for me is far easier said than done, I am a veteran spender.

So anyway.......That's all for another day, hope I didn't bore my few readers to death :D

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