Monday, March 26, 2007

Reality Shows

Yes, I am a fan of reality programming. Not all of it, but there are a few that are really good & still have my attention. Among my favorites:

Big Brother - Met a few of them at meet & greets, generally a nice bunch of people, the one standout of course is Marcellas Reynolds who is a very cool cat

There were a few others of course.....These boys are SO handsome, a fact that was not lost on me!

The Amazing Race - It's so not fair that Canadians can't participate, because this one show, I'd do in a heartbeat....The one show that I think is the absolute best

Survivor - Okay, at 10+ years, it's a little long in the tooth at this point, it should've probably been done & over after season 6-7, because it has been so boring & I've been paying less & less attention to it, altho, I will still peak at it. Along w/ some of the BB crew, I've also met people from Survivor, among other shows as well

Miami Ink - I find this show facinating, because of the designs that people have done...I have one myself, & so tattoos in general just facinate me

Kiss Family Values - Now, the real point of this blog, is this show, featuring Gene Simmons & his family, Shannon Tweed, & his kids, Nick & Sophie. I've never been a huge fan of the band Kiss. Ever. However Gene Simmons the man, I find completely facinating & compelling. This man is very intelligent, well read, sharp, obviously has very good business accumen. And yet, he's the guy in the ghoul makeup, spewing blood & alledgedly has bedded many many women. The way he carries himself in his daily life, such as it is on his show, is intriguing to me because he certainly doesn't come off like a typical "rock star" type of guy. I'm quite sure he's been there done that many times over. I think he could probably be just a bit intimidating upon initially meeting hiim, but he strikes me as a very friendly, outgoing, genial type of guy, he also seems to have a certain amount of charm w/ the ladies, who practically throw themselves at him still, despite the fact that he's committed to Shannon.

It's also sort of intersting to get a peek into his life w/ his family to see what he's really like, altho it's hard to know whether that's the real him or if he's simply playing to the camera. Makes for a funny, interesting show tho, think a funkier version of the Osbornes.

So that's that show. There've been a few others that came & went & even a few that are still around that I'll look at from time to time, Outback Jack & Temptation Island being the former, Real World being the latter. I've looked at the Bachelor/ette shows from time to time when they've been on, but in the end I thought they were pretty stupid.

Overall tho, I don't think that there would be enough money in the world to make me want to open myself up to that kind of scrutiny

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