Monday, March 19, 2007

Crowded House 2007

Just last night, I watched a webcast, by the newly reformed Crowded House. This is the new & improved Crowded House. I love this band. I've loved them from the beginning, & ever since Split Enz before them. Neil Finn is my musical God. His brillance is awesome. But so too is Nick Seymour, Mark Hart, the dearly departed Paul Hester & the newest member of the band, Matt Sherrod formerly of the band Beck.

As I sat in front of my monitor, witnessing a brand new chapter of Crowded House unfold, I think I felt like I needed to pinch myself, because it's been so long since I've seen them play live. How incredibly exciting!! Now, don't get me wrong, because it would've been so amazing w/ Paul Hester. It's almost a bittersweet thing, but, by all indications, Neil & company looks so happy to be together playing again, & I think for the majority of the fans who love them, we're all ecstatically happy as well. Some of us only got the chance to see them once, long ago, many have seen them many times over, & some of us out there never got the chance at all. Finally, we'll all have a chance to see them play again soon.

Of course, the loss of Paul Hester was, is, & remains a huge loss to everyone. In a small way, Crowded House will never be the same again. But, the more things change, the more they stay the same too, don't they? During the webcast, the band was tight, albeit for a few forgotten words from Neil, but they played strongly. Matt did a fabulous job on the skins & I for one think that he's going to fit in very well w/ Neil, Nick & Mark. They'll be embarking on a world tour later this year as well. If all goes well, & I am praying to the musical Gods that the timing of it all works out, I will once again see them play again, just with a slightly different lineup.

And next year, I'll be in Australia & what would be the biggest kick of all, would be if I could see them - ANY of them, play in Australia, then, I think I could possibly die a very happy woman indeed!

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SubtleKnife said...

That would be so cool! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

(Okay, maybe not all the time...)