Friday, March 30, 2007

Michael Hutchence Was Sex on Legs

I've recently started reading the officially sanctioned autobiography of the Australian band, INXS, which in turn tonight, has got me suddenly hot to want to listen to their music again. Not the current lineup w/ JD Fortune in the lead, but the band when it included the late, great, dearly departed Michael Hutchence.

Michael was sex on legs, he was THE sex god for the 80's era. I always knew this periferally, but since starting to read the autobio, I am beginning to grasp just exactly how much he was. He was very sexually voracious, curious, loving, a gentleman always. But he'd go from one to the next to the next & nobody seemed to mind apparently.

I started reading the book from the beginning, it begins with the Farriss brothers,where it all began. The book also has chapters for all of the guys & tells abou their backgrounds. Well, my curiosity got the better of me & I stopped briefly & read Michael's section. Most of it was a revelation to me, there were a few things about him I had no idea or just don't remember about. For instance, that he'd had an accident, apparently bad enough that it changed his brain chemistry, took away completely his ability to smell, which in turn, brought on years of depression for Michael. I had no idea. Anyway, so far, it's a typical, sex, drugs & rock & roll kind of read, the only difference is, this band is, was & will always be an extremely tight unit.

I did end up buying "Switch" soon after JD won the whole Rock Star schlamile, but I barely listen to it at all right now. It's cool that the rest of the guys finally were able to soldier on, It'll just never be the same, for me anyway, without Michael.

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EuroTrippen said...

Not only was he pretty, but you've got to be one hardcore mfer to hang yourself. No wussy suicide for that one...