Friday, February 9, 2007

RIP Anna Nicole Smith

Revisiting the whole celebrity obssession, it came as a shock initially, but hardly a surprise when the news came out that Anna Nicole Smith has passed away. What a sad, sad story. Anna Nicole has died, of a possible overdose, & her daughter is left parentless, at the very least motherless, never mind fatherless. And it's become in instantly grotesque circus, with the media everywhere, Howard K Stern in hiding somewhere, supposedly in grief. Larry Birkhead grieving, I do believe him to be the father of Danniellyn, the baby in question.

The media is everywhere, talking to anyone remotely connected in some way to Anna Nicole, it's so crazy. And everyone is eating it up. Serious news channels like CNN & FOX are covering this story for hours on end. Suddenly the war on terror & other more slightly newsworthy stories are on the back burner.

There is no doubt at all that Anna Nicole has been just an utter tragic mess since the death of her son Daniel. Reports are that she's never recovered. But in every interview up until recently, she's always been impecably groomed & put together. What a crazy life she's lived, it's a wonder that this woman had any peace at all.

Unfortunately, there is a baby, Danniellyn, who is now in the centre of this storm, everyone is fighting over her, everyone wants her, Anna's mother, Larry Birkhead, Howard K Stern, the latter of whom should never be allowed to be anywhere near her ever again. And now, for some reason that defies logic, Zsa Zsa Gabor's insane "husband" has now inserted himself into this drama! All the loonies are coming out during all of this & it's just completely aweful.

Hopefully now in death, she'll have the peace she so craved. Hopefully, she's been reunited with her son Daniel.

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