Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mmmmm, Dinner

I went out for dinner tonight after work at a new (to me) place out in Burlington, called Olive, pronounced Olivay, there's an accent above the "E", so I think that's how you say it........Anyway, my cousin Brenda took me out as a sort of Christmas/birthday dinner thing....She's always so generous to me, moreso than I think I am w/ her, so I think I really need to knuckle down & up my generosity quotent w/ her.......Anyway, I think this was the latest in a series of establishments that've been at this particular building, & I came away very impressed. My first impression was a great one & I will definitely be back to this place.

Our server's name was Alex, & from the get go, he impressed me. He was polite, knowledgeable w/ the specials, & most importantly, prompt in bringing the food & drink to the table. It help immensely that he happened to be cute too. Damn, what is it about really cute 20-something guys that have turned my head lately?

I digress. We started off sharing some Bruscetta, which was a good start. Brenda had a Risotto dish, & I had an Angel hair dish. By all indications, she really liked her dinner, but she could barely finish it & ended up bringing some home. I had an angel hair dish w/ salmon in it,I loved & I just about finished my plate.

As we sat & chatted & caught up on what we've both been up to, I was able, between bites, to take in the decor of this place. It's very cool. Lots of paper-y lantern light fixtures, fancy decorator mirrors all around, stone walls, stained glass. Very cool looking indeed, it kind of gave me a kind of "metropolitan, New York City-ish" kind of feel to it. It certainly didn't feel as if I were out in Burlington at all.

Alex, our server, ended up comping our dessert after informing us that the one I'd ordered wasn't available. It certainly sealed my impression of this new-to-me place. I decided right then & there that I would most certainly be back to it again. Even tho Brenda insisted on paying for dinner, I insisted on leaving Alex a really rather generous tip. He earned it.

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Karen said...

yum.. i love risotto..