Monday, October 20, 2008

kd lang - Sheer Perfection

Is there nothing this woman can do vocally? Just when I think she can't get any higher or better, she performed recently for the benenfit of the NPR radio station KCRW. The performance was nothing less than brilliant! kd blew the doors off of every one of those songs; she - as always - leaves me breathless & thrilled - I simply cannot imagine having that kind of talent & being able to sustain it for as long as she has. kd does a beautiful job of maintaining her voice, her stage presence is so much fun, which shows, when she's up on that stage, she owns it, just like she owns every one of her songs that she sings, regardless of whether they were hers to begin with. I am so glad that I can proudly claim her as one of our genuine Canadian treasures.

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janina said...

thanks so much for sharing. i will be seeing kd lang in ct soon and looking forward to it.