Monday, March 24, 2008

Love's Great Ocean - k.d. lang

I do so love this song by k.d. lang, it's so wonderfully dreamy, sensuous, dead sexy & beautiful. It makes me continue to still believe in love, which I so do long for. All that's contained in this song, the mood, the feeling, the languid dreamyness of it all, that's what I want, before I get too frickin' old to enjoy it. Please God, or fate or the universe. Please.

Loves great ocean
Came crashing down on me
Overflowing with
Possibility on me

Pull me under
Eternal wave
Pull me under
I promise Ill behave

Loves great ocean
Come sweeping over me
With this notion of
Positivity on me

Here in the ocean
The ocean of deep blue dreams
Im dreaming of you
Here is the ocean
The ocean Im longing to be
Streaming into

If anyone who's out there has never heard this song, do ALL that you can in your power to do so immediately. Pure bliss.

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EuroTrippen said...

I saw K.D. the other night on Jay Leno and thought of you! Keep on believing it will happen and eventually it will.

I'm a huge believer in visualizing what you want and then finding ways to make it happen. You'll get there...