Friday, April 20, 2007

My World This Week

Well what a week this has been. I'm sitting here thinking of what to write up in here today & wondering where to start. Work was sort of strange today, a little bit busy but mostly slow customer wise today, but we were all working to start getting the seasonal stuff organized & set up. I actually got to work on a couple of displays today & I was really pleased with the way they turned out, they looked great! All day long, we were gazing out the doors, just drooling over the weather today which has finally turned, thank God! It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, sunny & warm, which I've been just dying for. It felt so good to rip my socks off & get into my Birks again, which I wore to work this morning.

We got paid today, yaaay, but I'd decided that I was going to need to go & buy a new pair of shoes for work because my feet, specifically my left foot is really hurting lately, & by the end of an 8 hour shift, my feet just hurt. So I was debating what to do, when I decided to go home first, pay a few bills, then go out & spend some moolah. I normally wouldn't by anything outside of sundry toiletries & things like that at Walmart, but I've noticed that since they've been reno'ing their store & upgrading, they've started carrying Dr Scholes' shoes, so I went to have a quick look & was actually amazed that I was able to find a decent pair of leather shoes for around $40, & they are super comfortable, not bad, but we'll see if they pass the 8 hour shift test tomorrow.

This week has actually gone by really fast again. So many aweful things have happened in the world again this week. There was the shooting of 32 people in BLACKSBURG, Va, at Virginia Tech University by a deranged crazy psycho of a guy, which was completely horrific & sad. It's so unbearably sad that 32 people had to die because of his mental hangups. This thing will be analyzed for weeks & months on end now, lots of questions will be asked, everyone will wait until the next time it happens again, because nothing in the US will ever change. They love their guns too much, how pathetic.

Then, yesterday, a tape was leaked to the press regarding Alec Baldwin. I've always admired his talent, always suspected that he is a man with a very bad temper. Well, it was put on very public display, towards his 11 year old child, which was extremely disturbing. Personally, as much as I admire him as an actor, as far as that goes, I feel that he's probably gotten good & well shafted by Kim Basinger, but the two of them are both just utterly pathetic, selfish people. The only one I feel sorry for is their child, Ireland, because she's probably already so damaged by her parent's selfish hatred of each other, that she may well grow up to be exactly like them which is so sad. It's really scary, the kind of emotional damage people can inflict on each other in the heat of anger & hatred.

I went to see John Mayer play this week in concert. I'd been looking so forward to this show for the longest time. I really do admire this guy's talent, he's a terrifically talented guitar player. However, I ended up coming away from the show very disappointed, because of the fact that he came on at 9:00pm, & played for exactly an hour & a half! Boo! For $80, which was not exactly an easy sacrifice, considering that I'm still saving up for Australia next year, we only got a smallish, very short concert, well that just sucks balls! Not impressed!

Here's one or two of the few pictures I was able to capture from the show:

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Karen said...

i saw him about 4 years ago and his concert sucked then :)

i thought he was a bore on stage.