Friday, March 16, 2007

Please...Make it Stop Already!

Snow.......More snow again! Arrggg! And so frickin' cold, my fingers are hurting like mad, my skin on my fingers is just beyond help....The last few previous days were actually nice, mild even, a small taste of what, supposedly, is to come....Guess I should be glad that it's probably Mother Natures' last kick at the can of winter....I will be SO glad when it's finally over & done with......Sigh


Karen said...

come to Sydney :) it's been soooo unusually hot!

Lisa said...

Sydney is absolutely ON the list of where I want to go! I recently started reading the INXS official biography, & one of the guys, I forget who, said that Sydney is to LA what Melbourne is to NYC...That being the case, it'll be hard to decide which one I'll like better, altho I think I might lean closer to Sydney at this point...In any case, I'm starting to get very excited knowing that by this time next year, I'll be Down Undah...I can't wait!!! :)