Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Fight

Yiiiiiiikes! The fight between Rosie O'Donnell & Elisabeth Hasselbeck was so bad yesterday! It really was painful to watch, seeing them both have a go at each other, trying to get their points across. I like both of these women, for different reasons, but I have to side with Rosie for the most part, because while she may not always be someone I agree with, I think Elisabeth is hopelessly not seeing what's really out there about the war in Iraq. Nonetheless, it was really hard to watch them tear away at each other. Very sad. What's even worse is though, is that it's made the news everywhere, about Rosie's latest controversy. But, isn't that always the way the media spins it? Pretty much, they're always going to make her the bad guy. Kudos to Joy Behar for trying to defuse the situation though.

Here is the link to the fight, since I can't seem to figure out how to post the YouTube video here......If anyone knows how to, could you please let me know?

*Oooooooooh how freaky is this? I'm posting this blog entry at exactly 9:11A.M. this morning :-D

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EuroTrippen said...

I saw it too... and I think Rosie made two fatal errors. First, expecting Elizabeth to admit what she did and to also apologize for it (that practically never happens to begin with, but on national tv... forget it!).

Second, Rosie tucking her tail between her legs and not going back was cowardly. You do something, you should be willing to own it. I lost a lot of respect for Rosie when she refused to go back on air for the month or so left on her contract.