Saturday, April 14, 2007

Feeling Good

Isn't it amazing, the things, even some of the simplest things that make you feel good? For me, music feeds my soul each & every day. Another thing that, all too briefly yesterday, fed my soul, was while driving to work yesterday, I looked up to the sky & saw a small patch of blue sky. Now, normally, the sky is just something we usually see every day, but lately, it's been rainy, overcast & miserably cold. But yesterday, I looked up to the sky & saw the patch of blue, & it just felt so good. And I thought, I really need to see more of that.As I drove further along into Burlington, I also thought, as I was gazing at the blue in the sky, that I feel so greatful to have air in my lungs, my eyes to see everything.

Sunrises & sunsets also have the same effect on me too, I love them, they're beautiful.

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