Monday, April 30, 2007

Coachella Festival-Crowded House Appearance

I wrote this last night on my My Space blog, but I want to repost it here.....

I just got finished watching the excellent Crowded House, who performed for the first time in 10 years. In what SHOULD have been a great exciting performance, was marred right from the start. From the Idiot in the control room who misspelled their name. Hello? CROWED HOUSE? To the brain dead Asshole who dared to have the nerve to throw & actually hit Neil Finn in the chest w/ a water bottle. How fucking dare you. Who DOES that? I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I was shocked & horrified. Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover it. *I've since learned this morning that the bottle, thankfully, did not actually hit Neil, it hit the mic stand. Still, there is absolutely NO excuse for what that shithead did & I sincerely hope he sufferes a horrible horrible case of jock itch

From there, it felt like it went down hill, even tho they soldiered on & made the best of it,I think it really rattled Neil, but they played many favorite hits, from Don't Dream it's Over, to Private Universe, When You Come, World Where You Live to Locked Out, they finished w/ Better Be Home Soon. They did a fantastic job under the circumstances, but the odds sadly were not in their favor. Well let me tell you, they damn well deserve a much better reception than they got. At one point, the jerks in the first 10+ rows were chanting "Rage" over & over, for Rage Against the Machine....Clearly, their fans are vicious, classless, disrespectful & brain dead.

I also want to say that the assholes who were in the audience, & especially to the bastard who hit Neil.......You received a GIFT tonight & you didn't even know it, much less deserve it. Neil Finn should've gotten far more respect than he was given by the likes of you brain dead assholes. NONE OF THOSE BUTTHEADS WOULD KNOW GOOD MUSIC IF IT CAME UP & SLAPPED THEM IN THE FACE If it seems like I'm pissed, well, I AM.

Sadly, I have also come to realize too that Coachella clearly was the wrong festival for them to be at. I'm quite sure they won't make the same mistake twice


Karen said...

poor crowdies :)

ebarras said...

I was there. The bottle to the face was the only good thing about that set. Too bad they didn't stop early.