Monday, March 12, 2007

Yesterdays' Adventure

Well, the expedition to Toronto was a huge success. The day was absolutely gorgeous, but for a bit of chilly wind, it was sunny & mostly mild out, not that we were outside for very long anyway.

So we got to the convention centre, & made our way to the ground floor where the bead show was. I found it to be vastly improved from last year, because it was double what it was last year, & there were a lot more venders this year. Also because, within about an hour, I'd already spent about a good $40, but this year, I came away with a great haul!

By the time I'd left, I'd spent the $80 I came with, plus probably another $50 on top of that! Who knew beads could really add up in price!

I haven't actually made anything with my beads in quite a while, just haven't had much inspiration to do anything thru the cold winter. But I do find that every time I go & buy new stuff, inspiration always sparks sooner or later. When it comes to beads, I tend to lean towards water/sky colours, blues & greens, & also towards bright, vibrant ruby coloured crystals. I love collecting the big, blown glass beads as well, because they're so gorgeous & pretty. So today, I sat down & banged out three necklaces:

I've gotten some great feedback about them already too. Some people have asked if I'd sell them. It really amazes me that people would actually want to buy them, but it might have to be something I'd consider some time maybe. The problem is, I should learn to start buying more in bulk, because often times, I'll make something & get attached to it. It happened with the last necklace I made, which I eventually gave away to a friend, altho right now, I can't remember which friend i gave it to..Duuuh!

It's definitely something I enjoy doing tho, because often times, altho they're not really anything too complicated, they come out looking very fancy & funky looking, which pleases me to no end, because they look so beautiful put together :)

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Marcellas said...

How pretty honey! Good for you. You are so creative. I wanna see more! Keep me up on it!