Saturday, January 27, 2007

We Must Save the Evironment

I've just finished watching An Inconvenient Truth finally, I've been wanting to watch this film, narrated by Al Gore for the longest time. I am now glad I did because everything Al had to say, I've listened to & will take to my heart. When shown pictures of glacial ice caps melting, or no longer in existance, this is not something you can ignore any longer. When crazy weather patterns are happening all over the world, world temperature records are now regularly being smashed every year, this should scare everyone right down to their bones!

I am the first one to admit, that I like my creature comforts, I like being warm in the winter & cool in the summer, but now after watching the film, maybe a little discomfort is a small price to pay for what we do w/ the environment in the future. My brother Derek is already way ahead of the learning curve. He is a man who is deeply concerned w/ the environment & the state the world. He's already way ahead of a lot of us, in the ways that he lives his life & conserves precious resources. Some of the ways in which he does things, we find a bit odd, or unusual, but maybe he's got a point, maybe he's onto something that everyone ought to be doing.

He came to visit back in November for a bit, & one day, my mother & I sat at the table & listened to what he had to say. It was a good talk, not that I contributed much to it, but I listened & tried to understand even a little of what he tried to say, it's all so vast & complex. There is a lot that he feels we could/should be doing more of. It's not an easy thing to try & change old habits, but after having watched An Inconvenient Truth, I am going to pledge to try & do something, for myself, even if it's small baby steps, at least it'll be steps in the right direction.

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Karen said...

Great movie. Very powerful and scary. We can all do our little bit to help the envirnoment!