Tuesday, January 30, 2007

They Hit a Whaaaaaat??????

Right now, my parents are in Antarctica on a cruise. Up until tonight, it had been about two weeks since I'd heard from them, I assumed they were off having a good time, seeing the frozen sights in the Arctic. Tonight, I got a call from my mom, she sounded good, said they were having a good time, at one point, she asked me to hold on a second, I couldn't tell what she was doing but I waited. When she came back, she let me know that they were fine, but wanted to let me know that they were going to be changing ships because they'd hit a rock. Say whaaaaaaaaaaat??? I stayed calm, listening to my mother matter of factly explain that the ship had hit a rock, & while the damage wasn't so bad that they were taking on water or sinking, thank GOD, the crew had made the decision that it would be safer to change ships rather than do the day & a half crossing back down to Chile.

Now, while thoughts of Titanic ran wild in my head, I stayed calm listening to my mother tell me how great the trip has been, they've seen tons of beautiful terrain, lots of volcanos apparently, & iceburgs, it sounds really pretty, but very cold at the same time. She said the temps were in around the 30's, brrrrr! She told me that she'd seen penguins, & that apparently you're not supposed to walk in front of them or be too up close to them, that you should just let them pass you by. Sometimes they'd even stop to size you up, probably wondering what you were doing in their neck of the woods.

Still, it gives me pause, this whole ship hitting a rock thing. I think I won't not feel concerned until I know that they're safe & sound back on terra firma. In the meantime, even tho it's not very often that I do pray, I think I will now. I don't have the impression that they're in any impending danger, and yet, in that area of the world, anything can happen, I just don't want anything to happen to my parents just yet, not right now. I am no where near prepared to start even thinking of dealing w/ the possibilities of what could happen. In the meantime, I'll just keep breathing in, maybe breathing out once I hear my parents voices once again, safe in the knowledge that they're safe & sound.


Karen said...

hmm.. scary.
the Antarctic sounds like an amazing place.. lucky them!

Lisa said...

A bit of a follow up, I called the tour company this morning, & was assured that everything was okay, they are in constant contact w/ the tour guide on the ship, & that all of the passengers are safe & sound & are in the process of being transfered from one ship to another one - Whew! :)

Karen said...

glad to hear all is well :)

Peter & Betty said...

Lisa, Well done with the blog. We are currently in Newcastle w/brotherDerek, checking out his new digs and guitars. we've printed the blog and will peruse it this day. Glad that the Titanic people are ok, believe they come home tomorrow.
take care
lots of love from Australia
Betty, Peter and Bro Derek