Friday, January 26, 2007

Living in a Celebrity Obssessed World

Paris, Lindsey, Nicole, Britney, Brad & Angelina, Jessica & John, Rosie & Donald, Anna Nicole.....I know none of these people & yet, day after day, week after week, I follow their comings & goings, kisses & disses almost like an addict. I regularly follow along on gossip websites like, Hollywood Rag, The Superficial, and, amongst the worst of them, Perez Hilton. And then, there's the magazines, from US, People, Entertainment Weekly, InTouch, the Enquirer, among others. It's just the most bizarre thing ever, because none of these people who are in the spotlight are afforded any sort of "private life". Granted, being in the entertainment industry is part & parcel about being out & seen all the time, but these papparazzi absolutely stalk these people. Celebrities are followed anytime, anywhere, from the exciting, such as leaving a premiere or major event, to the mundane, while they're doing their groceries, or picking up their dry cleaning, or leaving doctor's appointments or whatever, & it's totally crazy!

For about a split second, it really makes you wonder what it must be like to be so heavily scrutinized, what it must be like to be the focus of such frenzied attention. And then, noticing all the blinding flash bulbs going off, you thank God & say to yourself, there by the grace of God go I, & thank God I don't have to do that. It's no wonder really why you see these celebrities always wearing these massive sunglasses, even at night, it's because they have to shield their eyes from being blinded to death! Worshipping celebrity has of course, been around for years & years, & it's always had it's moments of scandal, but I'm not sure if it's ever been so sensationalist, salacious, shocking, or scandalous then as it is now.

Just when you think celebrity can't sink to new lows or new scandals, Britney is showing off her goodies for all the world to see, not once but 4 times! Or this one is leaving that one for the new one or so & so was seen snorting drugs in the latest hot spot at 2 o'clock in the morning, or a former famous football hero is getting away with murdering his ex wife & a friend of hers. There always seems to be a new scandal happening. Personally, I can't see our facination w/ celebrity changing anytime soon.

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Karen said...

I think we just love to see other people stuff up.. makes us feel normal perhaps!
Great post!